Is it a good time to sell a junk car right now?

If you have a junk car or some other motorized junk asset, selling it to a nearby scrapyard is now as good as ever. Not good timing, but rather, finding the right junk car buyer to do business with is the secret to making the most money from selling a junk car. There are thousands of scrappers to choose from, but to offer outstanding customer service and fair payouts, only a select few have the reputation, power, and most importantly, money.

To learn how to select the right junk car business in Central Indiana, continue reading. You can still use these company credentials as a standard for purchasers in your region if you live out of state.

Sell Your Junk Car in Indiana
Sell Your Junk Car in indiana
The Top class Choice for Selling a Junk Car in Indiana is The New Country Auto Parts, Inc.

The New Country Auto Parts, Inc in Central Indiana is a leading car salvage company and genuine professionals. We not only have decades of practical experience in the scrap metal and junk car procurement industries, but we are a family-owned business, so there is no intermediary in the selling process of junk cars. These facts alone bring more money into the hands of our customers! But wait; you should choose The New Country Auto Parts, Inc as your Indiana auto scrapper for many more reasons!

Why People Choose Us

We pay the highest payouts for junk cars: We have less expenses than most other junk car businesses because we are a family owned and run company. It helps one to cut out the intermediaries that generally make the operation more costly, such as operators of tow trucks, accountants, metal refineries, and more.

We provide free towing to save your money: As an independently owned and run company, we can cut out one middleman process is a tow truck operator. We have an in-house tow truck of our own. Most businesses subtract a towing fee from the deal they offer to their customers, but we do not charge a towing fee, so you make more!

We have the resources to make accurate assessments: Our complex is equipped with electronic, flatbed weight scales that make a vehicle’s weight and metal content pinpoint results. In line with their current market value, this asset will allow us to pay the maximum and fair amounts for junk vehicles plus all our other advanced resources.

We take all motorized assets and commodities: If it’s built with an engine running on petrol, we’ll buy it from you. We also purchase motorized farming and building machinery, bicycles, boats, scooters, motorbikes, golf carts, and more, in addition to cars. Best of all, no matter what age, build, model, or condition, we will take it!

We pay Decent & instant CASH ON THE SPOT: Weeks or even months after the initial transaction, most other junk car companies can put a check in the mail. Some still don’t pay at all! But we pay cash here at The New Country Auto Parts, Inc, on the spot, the moment you hand over your junk belongings.

How to Get a Free Quote for Your Junk Car in Indiana

Call The New Country Auto Parts, Inc at 317-538-4824: To get your junk car quote. our knowledge of junk car buyers are served in all of Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. And pay cash on the spot for all junk vehicles, regardless of age or condition. There is no better way to sell a junk car in Central Indiana with cash payments, free quotes and free delivery.

Top cash for junk cars provider in Indianapolis

Top cash for junk cars provider in Indianapolis

The new country auto parts are a well-known brand for paying cash for junk cars in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay money for all kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers and other such scrapped vehicles. And the biggest thing is that you won’t need to bring a car anywhere, you have to make a call, and our towing truck will be at your specified location to receive the vehicle from you. This towing will be for free, and the truck driver will pay you cash for the junk car at an instant without any delay. We are paying hard cash for junk cars.

Top cash for junk cars provider in Indianapolis
Top cash for junk cars provider in Indianapolis

Our company is making your scrap value. Even if you are at annual cleaning of your garage or yard, you want to throw out scrap or junk car. You can also earn good money without throwing it out for free, even if you are reluctant to pay hefty towing expenses. Don’t worry; we will pay you hard cash for junk cars and other junk materials. Yes, we are also concerned with your towing costs, paying cash for junk cars and other materials, and saving your money. You don’t need to bear hefty towing expenses. We will pay you cash for the junk car.

All you have to do is call at contact number from the number on our website. Just brief our phone officer about the location of the junk car. He/She will confirm the arrival time of our free towing service. The phone officer will share the location and contact of the driver too. He will guide you in a much easy way for paper formalities. After making a phone call, keep calm and wait to complete the given arrival time. Our Towing truck with free towing service will come to you within and collect the junk car from you and pay for it.

Unfortunately, if your car or any other auto vehicle met with an accident and you want to get rid of it at the roadside. Fortunately, if you are in our towing zone, you don’t need to get worried. We concern you. A car accident is a significant loss for you. We never let you bear towing expenses. Our free towing service will be there in a minimum time. The truck driver will pay for junk cars at the instant. The amount will be in hard cash.

Why us?

It’s an essential question of why only us.

We know many vendors are doing the same business, but we are the only ones who are offering maximum rates.

  • We are paying maximum dollars.
  • We are paying hard cash for junk cars at an instant.
  • Our paperwork is too little. You don’t need to worry about some hectic paperwork.
  • We are using environment friendly technology for refurbishing cars and other auto vehicles.
  • We remove and recycle fluids and deceptive materials.
  • We are refurbishing the auto parts in an Environment-friendly way.
  • We are offering a free towing service.
  • Our services of pay for junk cars or towing of junk cars are easily acquirable in Indianapolis, Indiana at given timings.

You can see our timings from the website

These are the reasons you can choose The new country auto parts Inc

How to grab our services

The next important cum fundamental question is how to grab our services and quickly get cash for the junk car.

It’s quite simple. You don’t need to worry about thinking about hectic methods.

  • 1st of all, make sure that you are in our relevant towing zone in Indianapolis.
  • Just take your smartphone.
  • Visit
  • Take relevant contact number
  • Book your junk car
  • Confirm the location of your Junk Car to our phone officer.
  • Confirm arrival time of our Tow truck.
  • Just wait with a calm mind.
  • Receive truck driver at arrival time
  • Fulfill paperwork as guided
  • Collect hard cash for junk car
  • And see off the towing truck with your junk car.
  • It’s quite a simple and easy way.

One more thing

We are not only about cash for junk cars. You can contact us for other household junk materials like electronics appliances or for buying auto parts. Our services detail is posted on the website. Our website can be beneficial to get rid of your junk cars and other material.

We’re perpetrated to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for all of your auto part needs. Unlike other salvage yards, if we don’t have it, we will find it for you!

We are here to see you for any of our services you don’t need to find us. Just inform us via phone call that you want our services and confirm your location. We will be there to serve you on our premises. You will get the best alternative for your money.