Is it a good time to sell a junk car right now?

If you have a junk car or some other motorized junk asset, selling it to a nearby scrapyard is now as good as ever. Not good timing, but rather, finding the right junk car buyer to do business with is the secret to making the most money from selling a junk car. There are thousands of scrappers to choose from, but to offer outstanding customer service and fair payouts, only a select few have the reputation, power, and most importantly, money.

To learn how to select the right junk car business in Central Indiana, continue reading. You can still use these company credentials as a standard for purchasers in your region if you live out of state.

Sell Your Junk Car in Indiana
Sell Your Junk Car in indiana
The Top class Choice for Selling a Junk Car in Indiana is The New Country Auto Parts, Inc.

The New Country Auto Parts, Inc in Central Indiana is a leading car salvage company and genuine professionals. We not only have decades of practical experience in the scrap metal and junk car procurement industries, but we are a family-owned business, so there is no intermediary in the selling process of junk cars. These facts alone bring more money into the hands of our customers! But wait; you should choose The New Country Auto Parts, Inc as your Indiana auto scrapper for many more reasons!

Why People Choose Us

We pay the highest payouts for junk cars: We have less expenses than most other junk car businesses because we are a family owned and run company. It helps one to cut out the intermediaries that generally make the operation more costly, such as operators of tow trucks, accountants, metal refineries, and more.

We provide free towing to save your money: As an independently owned and run company, we can cut out one middleman process is a tow truck operator. We have an in-house tow truck of our own. Most businesses subtract a towing fee from the deal they offer to their customers, but we do not charge a towing fee, so you make more!

We have the resources to make accurate assessments: Our complex is equipped with electronic, flatbed weight scales that make a vehicle’s weight and metal content pinpoint results. In line with their current market value, this asset will allow us to pay the maximum and fair amounts for junk vehicles plus all our other advanced resources.

We take all motorized assets and commodities: If it’s built with an engine running on petrol, we’ll buy it from you. We also purchase motorized farming and building machinery, bicycles, boats, scooters, motorbikes, golf carts, and more, in addition to cars. Best of all, no matter what age, build, model, or condition, we will take it!

We pay Decent & instant CASH ON THE SPOT: Weeks or even months after the initial transaction, most other junk car companies can put a check in the mail. Some still don’t pay at all! But we pay cash here at The New Country Auto Parts, Inc, on the spot, the moment you hand over your junk belongings.

How to Get a Free Quote for Your Junk Car in Indiana

Call The New Country Auto Parts, Inc at 317-538-4824: To get your junk car quote. our knowledge of junk car buyers are served in all of Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. And pay cash on the spot for all junk vehicles, regardless of age or condition. There is no better way to sell a junk car in Central Indiana with cash payments, free quotes and free delivery.