Facts & Figures on Car Salvage & Recycling

The Automotive Recycling Industry

Europe, the US and Japan are the world’s largest exporters of ferrous scrap, holding a market share of over 33 percent. These countries are also the biggest recyclers of cars and account for over 70% of the world’s overall recycling of cars. In reality, the 16th largest industry in the United States is automotive recycling, estimated to be a $25 billion per year industry.

At more than 9,000 locations across the world, automotive recycling companies hire over 140,000 people. Automotive recyclers are small companies, with ten or fewer individuals employing 86 percent. In the U.S., the median number of jobs is four.

The only workers of one in five firms are founders (19 percent). Based on analysis from Axion (1997). The industry collects and reuses or recycles an approximate sum per year:

  • Motor oil ~24 million gallons
  • Gasoline and diesel fuel ~8 million gallons
  • Engine coolant of 8 million gallons
  • 5 million gallons of fluid from the window washer
  • 96% of all Lead Acid batteries

Recycling Rates of Cars

Every year, 27 million vehicles around the world hit the end of their useful lives, some of which are the average 11-year-old cars driven to their last mile, while others are current year models involved in accidents. The car is today the world’s most recycled consumer commodity. (Source) It comes second only to lead-acid batteries in the United States.

Nearly 8 million cars are recycled annually in Europe, while the figure in the US is close to 12 million. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, nationally, about 26 cars are recycled every minute.

Every year, approximately 95% of vehicles withdrawn from use are processed for recycling in the US.

According to data from 2010, this is more than the recycling rates for paper (72 percent), steel cans (67 percent), aluminum cans (50 percent), and glass (33 percent).

How much of a vehicle is recycled?

About 25 million tons of heterogeneous materials are recycled from old vehicles around the world. Around 86 percent of the material content of a vehicle is recycled, reused, or used for energy recovery, with the highest target material for recovery being metal. In North America, vehicles usually consist of approximately 20 percent recycled post-consumer content by weight.

Ferrous Metal/Steel

More than 14 million tons of recycled steel extracted from junk vehicles are made last year. Car recycling provides enough steel to manufacture nearly 13 million new vehicles, thus providing work for 46,000 people. For steel and iron in vehicles, the overall recycling rate is close to 100 percent.

The standard passenger car, by weight, consists of about 60% steel and iron. The steel used to make your car’s body, including doors, hood, trunk and quarter panels, includes a recycled content of at least 25 percent. Scrap processors shred it and sell the valuable ferrous material to steel mills until all the fluids have been drained and reusable components removed from a vehicle.

When steel mills use scrap steel instead of iron ore in new product production, energy use is decreased by 75%, raw material use by 90%, air pollution by 86%, water use by 40%, water pollution by 76%, mining waste by 97%, and consumer waste by 105%.

When you imagine recycling a single ton, 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone, the value of recycling steel is illustrated. Almost 40 percent of all recycled steel (the most recycled metal) in America is produced by automotive recyclers.

A sufficient amount of steel from old cars was recycled last year to generate 48 million steel utility poles, a third of the U.S. utility poles. Automotive recycling produces about 40 percent of ferrous metal for the scrap manufacturing industry throughout North America. Around 37% of all ferrous metal is supplied to blast furnaces and smelters in the US by the automotive recycling industry.

Environmental Benefits

End-of-life automotive recycling saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil that would have been used in the manufacture of new or replacement components, resulting in a major reduction in air and water emissions. Established by the automotive industry, End of Life Vehicle Solutions Company works in this endeavor with over 9,000 recyclers and has collected nearly 4 million switches to date, keeping 9,000 lbs of mercury out of the ecosystem.

CO2 emissions are minimized in the production sector by the use of recycled metals. By intensifying the amount of heat retained by the atmosphere, CO2 is considered to lead to global warming as a GHG. Given the approximately 12,6 million vehicles that the automotive recycling industry recycles every year, GHG emissions are reduced by more than 30 million metric tonnes per year. Recycling four tyres lower CO2, which is equal to 18 gallons of fuel, by around 323 pounds.

Financial Benefits

Automotive recyclers supply quality car parts to retail and wholesale clients that cost 20 percent to 80 percent less than comparable new auto parts.


Roughly 90 percent of a vehicle’s aluminum is reused and recycled. While the aluminum retrieved from an old car is less than 10 percent of the weight of the vehicle, it accounts for almost 50 percent of the scrap value of the vehicle.

Motor Oil/Fluids

It is of the utmost importance to properly handle used oil. One million gallons of fresh water may be polluted by used oil from one oil shift, a year’s supply for 50 individuals. The amount of dangerous fluids and oils safely recovered by auto recyclers is equivalent to 8 Exxon Valdez disasters per year!

Car Batteries

The recycling of approximately 98-99 percent of car batteries is possible.

Car Tires

  • Car tyre recycling is feasible and it is possible to use the material to manufacture sandals and roadways.
  • Every year, one billion tyres hit the end of their useful lives.
  • Every year in the developed world, one passenger tyre per person is discarded.
  • There are currently an estimated 4 billion end-of-life tyres worldwide in landfills and stockpiles.
  • The end-of-life tyre recovery rate for Europe, the US and Japan is now more than 85 percent.
  • In the end-use market, approximately 9 in 10 of the 246 million scrap tyres discarded annually in the US are consumed. For glass bottles, aluminium cans and plastic bottles, the reuse rate for tyres exceeds the costs.
  • Around 110 million tyres are recycled annually by U.S. scrap rubber producers or one tyre for every three individuals in the U.S.


Approximately 20% of a vehicle is not recyclable and is referred to as ‘car shredder residue (ASR),’ which includes bits of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, gravel, glass, cloth, paper, wood, rubber, and plastic. Around 5 million tons of ASR were disposed of in landfills every year. In Europe, 75 percent of a car is recycled, making 25 percent of the car with the ASR items. According to projections, recycling facilities in Europe will soon be able to recycle, by weight, 95 percent of each vehicle.

Every year, an estimated 5 million tons of ASR are diverted to landfills; automotive plastics account for about 0.5 percent of a typical landfill by weight.

Is it a good time to sell a junk car right now?

If you have a junk car or some other motorized junk asset, selling it to a nearby scrapyard is now as good as ever. Not good timing, but rather, finding the right junk car buyer to do business with is the secret to making the most money from selling a junk car. There are thousands of scrappers to choose from, but to offer outstanding customer service and fair payouts, only a select few have the reputation, power, and most importantly, money.

To learn how to select the right junk car business in Central Indiana, continue reading. You can still use these company credentials as a standard for purchasers in your region if you live out of state.

Sell Your Junk Car in Indiana
Sell Your Junk Car in indiana
The Top class Choice for Selling a Junk Car in Indiana is The New Country Auto Parts, Inc.

The New Country Auto Parts, Inc in Central Indiana is a leading car salvage company and genuine professionals. We not only have decades of practical experience in the scrap metal and junk car procurement industries, but we are a family-owned business, so there is no intermediary in the selling process of junk cars. These facts alone bring more money into the hands of our customers! But wait; you should choose The New Country Auto Parts, Inc as your Indiana auto scrapper for many more reasons!

Why People Choose Us

We pay the highest payouts for junk cars: We have less expenses than most other junk car businesses because we are a family owned and run company. It helps one to cut out the intermediaries that generally make the operation more costly, such as operators of tow trucks, accountants, metal refineries, and more.

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We have the resources to make accurate assessments: Our complex is equipped with electronic, flatbed weight scales that make a vehicle’s weight and metal content pinpoint results. In line with their current market value, this asset will allow us to pay the maximum and fair amounts for junk vehicles plus all our other advanced resources.

We take all motorized assets and commodities: If it’s built with an engine running on petrol, we’ll buy it from you. We also purchase motorized farming and building machinery, bicycles, boats, scooters, motorbikes, golf carts, and more, in addition to cars. Best of all, no matter what age, build, model, or condition, we will take it!

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How to Get a Free Quote for Your Junk Car in Indiana

Call The New Country Auto Parts, Inc at 317-538-4824: To get your junk car quote. our knowledge of junk car buyers are served in all of Indianapolis and its surrounding areas. And pay cash on the spot for all junk vehicles, regardless of age or condition. There is no better way to sell a junk car in Central Indiana with cash payments, free quotes and free delivery.

Where to Get Free Junk Car Removal in Indianapolis

Where to Get Free Junk Car Removal in Indianapolis

A junk car is a customer in space or any engine junk equipment. You could house old or broken down junk in your garage, barn, hangar, greenhouse, basement or anywhere else. It takes precious pictures in the square. To free your precious room and cash a good deal while you are there, call the company to remove a junk vehicle. By choosing the right junk car buyer, you can make an immediate profit and dispose of all in one contract.

Who do you believe in the elimination of Indiana junk car? Naturally, GC’s Junk Cars!

Keep going and know how to start a free junk car assessment and cash service in Indianapolis.

How to Get Rid of a Junk Car in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Junk Cars is your solution for fast and skilled car removal, which pays you. We don’t just pay cash on site, regardless of their age or condition, but also collect it and take it for a towing fee. As we do it in-house we will pay a complete cash price for your junk car.

Only 4 Steps to Get You Started:

  • Call for a free quote from GC’s 317-538-4824 Junk Vehicles. We will ask you questions to create an accurate evaluation of your junk car and model. If you choose the Indianapolis complex weigh your junk car with our electronic platform.
  • Give us time to collect a junk car for our bid. Since we have our own tow truck at home, there is no additional cost to move your car away. We provide flexible programming, and we can even arrange a pickup of your vehicle without you.
  • Delete all your personal belongings from your car before the pick-up day. Take something from you and delete it from your vehicle. This refers to music, clothing, waiste and back and front license plates. Make sure you cancel the registration if you are still interested.
  • When you arrive to pick it up from the tow truck, get your junk car paying. The easiest thing to do is to pay you cash on site when we collect your junk car. However, we can take additional measures if necessary.

Give Us a Call at 317-538-4824 TODAY!

There will never be an easier way to easily cash junk cars at Indianapolis in Indiana. We welcome all junk vehicles, regardless of age, design, model or condition. We want your junk car to be collected and replaced by real cash! We give free calls, free collection and cash on-site! You will be billed the same day that we arrive to collect your vehicle.

My junk car for cash sell my junk car 317-538-4824

My junk car for cash sell my junk car 317-538-4824

Sell my vehicle for car parts in Indianapolis. With free towing, we purchase any car and pay for fast cash.

Have you ever considered earning money and collecting fast cash from your Junk Car by selling it for junk cars in Indianapolis? Your car may just have collapsed, or it has been wrecked and now takes a room in your garage or driveway. We also buy good used for driving cars, and we’re paying a lot for running vehicles, without mechanical problems. You must call Indianapolis junk car removal services, which are proud of the superior customer service. It is too challenging to keep storing a broken car or truck at home. It’s essential to choose the best car removal provider and the most skilled Towing & Scrambler company for your vehicle. There is plenty of cash for car companies there.

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Sell My Junk Car Today

Indianapolis can no longer send the junk car straight to the junkyard as cash for junk cars as part of their customer support. Today for free towing & same day services, Call/Text Junk cars for cash at 317-308-0803. You will be surprised by how many junk cars you pay for your unnecessary junk cars, trucks, carriers and SUVs. To assess how much money you can get by selling your junk car to a junk car buyer, consider how popular the car is with its make and model. In general, if your vehicle is older than 20 years and a necessary model car has an introductory scrap price, it has no value for fixing to resell. The seller of junk automobiles, European vehicles and later models and trucks with auto components that can be retrieved for fixing used cars will bring more cash to the pocket.

Most junk car buyers in India will not provide free towing service in Indianapolis without any charge. Rather than let the old clunker take space and collect dirt, today’s time is ruined for cash.

Junk Car Near Me

It only makes sense that you would produce decent income by selling my car in Indianapolis if the vehicle is no longer serving a role in your life and competing for use. The Premier Car buyer for Indy is junk cars for cash. Car buyers know we pay more money, and we will promise the highest dollar for your junk car to gain a pinch of revenue for you. Indianapolis junk car removal offers a fast, simple and time-consuming alternative to separating your vehicle alone. Several parts in a car can add value when you try to buy your car in cash. Aluminum rims and the battery are only several examples, just like the catalytic converter.

Even minor repairs, such as a starter or an alternator, can be more costly than worth fixing an old junk car. In particular, if the vehicle has high miles, substantial rust and other horizon problems. The most feasible option to sell your car for cash can be to call the junk car buyer.

Online car purchasers profit. Any car Indianapolis & Junk Cars for cash are purchased.

Selling your vehicle for cash is much more comfortable in Indianapolis than trying to sell the items on the Internet yourself from your car or truck. While many people see the Net as an excellent way to sell components, it can be much more challenging and time-consuming than you could consider at first.

You will also compete with many other car parts companies that sell automotive parts if you decide to sell the details of your junk car themselves. A few tips for the marketing of your car parts are eBay, Amazon, Craigslist. Each site has a market for automotive parts suppliers.

Indy junk car is one of the top cash companies for cars and https:/www.thenewcountryautoparts.com/. Becoming educated about selling automobile parts and two components using these different platforms provides you with more money for your junk or scrap car and then sells your vehicle as a whole. But in the time it takes you to stored and classify these used parts for sale correctly, you have to make space and storage necessary, which is a considerable effort.

It is no easy task to sell automobile parts and requires a highly functional market knowledge. That’s why selling my car near me and buying any car in Indianapolis is so popular.

The sale of cash cars is an expert undertaking for many people who decide to make money in the car business. The purchase, sale and trade of vehicles have been a famous enterprise for junk cars for cash enthusiasts for many years now.

The 101 on a Junk Car Selling in Indianapolis

The 101 on a Junk Car Selling in Indianapolis

Here’s always a better approach out there, regardless of the mission. The same definition applies to the auction of a junk car. While many outlets and tools are available to sell your junk car, there is only one way for sure to get the most money for the real market value of your asset. That way is to locate a trusted buyer of junk cars near me don’t know where to start?

How the Junk Car Selling Process Works

Why would you like to buy your junk car for scrappers and car rescue companies? The answer is straightforward: metal. The automotive industry manufactures vehicles using various metals, all entirely recyclable and consequently reusable. You are swapping your total loss vehicle for payment by selling a junk car to a junk car buying company. Many companies pay cash or checks, while others provide small business credits or coupons.

By following these steps, You can Sell Your Junk Car:

For cars buyer near you, contact Indiana Cash. Submit a call-up quote to obtain a bid for your junk vehicle. Offer them the information about your car, including the venue, as much as possible.

KEI choose the bid or refuse it. You’ll arrange a day for them to pick up your junk car if you agree. Some businesses charge a tow away fee, others deduct the cost, and others provide the service free of charge.

Remove all your objects. Delete your items. It requires license plates, front plates, waste, emergency kits and aftermarket CDs or stereos you choose to hold. Registration with the state must also be canceled.

Keep trading any required cash papers. When you arrive to collect your junk vehicle, hand in any agreed documents or paperwork and then obtain your payment form.

To get a quote for a junk car in Indianapolis, or Central Indiana, call 317-538-4824.  Our experienced Indianapolis Junk Car buyers welcome all junk cars regardless of age and condition. We also buy Anything that you have that the majority of the item’s weight is metal, such as brooms, mops, buckets, golf clubs, baseball bats, pots & pans, golf carts, metal patio, and home furniture, industrial and commercial equipment, tools and farm equipment.   There is no way it is easy to sell a junk car in Central Indiana with cash payments, free deals and free pickup. Start with today’s free telephone quote.

Top dollars in hard cash against junk cars in Indianapolis

              Top dollars in hard cash against junk cars in Indianapolis

Top dollars in hard cash against junk cars in Indianapolis
Top dollars in hard cash against junk cars in Indianapolis

Once upon a time that the cruse parked in your garage was very magnificent. That used to run on roads with glory. In those glorious days, you also used to keep that with extraordinary care. But as a common saying that time passed so fast. Companies are introducing new models of cars every year. So, you put it in the garage and purchase a new model. Now the old one becomes a clunker full of dust and just taking up the garage’s room.

This clunker can still be profitable for you. Surely you want to get rid of this junk car. I know you are worried about how you can get rid of it. Who will buy this scrap, and how will you manage towing expenses? The cash which you will get against this junk car will be enough to meet towing costs or not. These are some questions which every owner of junk car thinks.

You know that it can never be more on the road. But let you clear one thing that it is made up of metal. The metal can never be priceless. Its auto parts can still be useful after refurbishing. This process is known as the Junking of a car, and you can sell a junk car to a Junkyard where mechanics will refurbish it and turn it into a worthy product.

The new country auto parts inc is also owning the services of the junkyard for junk cars. No matter what how is looking at your cars, truck, SUV or otherwise. Our services are available for you in our relevant area of Indianapolis. We will take your junk car via our free towing service. Our towing truck will pay you top dollars in hard cash against junk cars at your specified locations with Indianapolis.

If your any auto vehicle falls into any of the following vehicles

  • Does not run on roads
  • Would not start
  • Any denting painting issues
  • Electrical or mechanical problems
  • Sensor problems
  • Or any other problems

The car and other auto vehicles with the problems mentioned above are still worth new country auto parts. The new country auto parts will be

Now the question is how this junk journey can be made easier.

  1. Detach Your Personal Belongings
  2. Take Out auto Parts with high market price
  3. Get Paperwork congruent
  4. Detach the License Plates
  5. Cancel Your Automobile Insurance Policy
  6. Do Your Research
  7. Check All Registrations
  8. Ask About Non-Metal Parts
  9. Understand the Weight Scale

The new country auto parts’ mission statement is, “We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for all of your auto part needs. Unlike other salvage yards, if we don’t have it, we will find it for you!”

As per our mission statement, we are not about only junk cars. You can enjoy our services for selling and purchasing auto parts, and selling of every scrap Matulewicz is outdated as per your requirements.

Remember every part of metal which you are considering outdated. That has a worth value for us, and we share that worth with you too.

Our team of stalwart junk car removal specialists are available daily and dedicated to providing superb, quick customer service. Along with our aspiration to refine our society and boost a green, end-of-life option for your vehicle, we work to maximize the worth we can offer our clients thoroughly and efficiently!

Apart from paying you the top dollar in hard cash for your car, we offer free towing in Indianapolis. Also, most local junkyard service providers will not purchase your vehicle without a title; our money for vehicles the new country auto parts pays you cash for your junk cars and another scrap vehicle with same day towing service.

If your junk car is either unable to be the beauty of the road or simply its nit in the condition of repairing, let us tow your vehicle aside, pay you op dollars in term of hard cash, and eliminate your stress. Never take the risk of costly repairing but try to earn money from junk cars and other vehicles. Suppose your vehicle is out of the performance. We are here to buy it. We can be a lender of last resort for your junk car. You will gain peace of mind after availing of our services.

There is no rocket science to find us. You have to make sure that you are in our towing area Indianapolis. After that, just take your smartphone. Search on Google with your favorite keyword cash for junk cars. Cash for cars or junk cars etc., and find our web link www.thenewcountryautoparts.com or visit our website directly and take relevant contact number. Remember there are different contact numbers for different services like spare parts, junk cars or scrap metals. Just contact at relevant number, tell your address and keep calm. Our representatives will find you at your location for service.

Have you Ever Think about cash for Car?

Have you Ever Think about cash for Car?

Have you Ever Think about cash for Car
Have you Ever Think about cash for Car

Have you ever thought of your junk car? That also can give you cash for a vehicle for you. You can earn hundreds and even in some cases thousands of dollars from that. You can also make a hefty amount from the metal scrap. The metal scrap of your yard can be a treasure for you. You can earn hefty dollars by selling that scrap. You don’t need to worry about buyers. We are the buyers of scrap as like our other services, i.e., purchasing junk cars for cash.

Even the electrical appliances at your home which you are not using. You can also sell those appliances to us. The refrigerator which you are not operating in the kitchen can give you a handsome amount. The telephone, electrical mop, washers, dryers or any other electrical appliances can be a treasure for you. We are buying all equipment that consists of metal, which you cannot use for any reason. You can make good money selling them to us. Not only will we be obliged to provide you with cash, but we will also collect all of this from your specified location without incurring any costs.

We know many people are reluctant to pay towing expenses. They are right because many times, towing fees are more than that cash they will receive against their spare parts, metaled electrical or mechanical appliances. Even towing costs can be more than money for junk cars. The vendors offer too much low cash for cars or cash against other machines. Even that cash for car or cash for spare parts, scrap, electrical metaled or mechanical metaled home or commercial appliances cannot fulfill the only towing cost.

If, unfortunately, your car met with an accident here in Indianapolis. That can be a big deal to repair that car even if you want to fix it via insurance providing company that also can be a full package headache for a US car buyer. That will take a long time, and hectic documentation will be needed.

I know how you people are thinking about the solution.

We are here to solve your problem. You can earn back most of the amount from selling us your junk car for cash. It’s how you can get rid of the issues regarding car repairing and parking of junk cars. We will pay you hefty dollars for your junk car. That junk car can be your car for cash without getting any pain or headache.

We have adopted the most straightforward method for making your junk car the car for cash.

Your car doesn’t need to become a junk car after any road accident. There are many conditions to converting a working condition car into a junk car. The model which you were bought 10-15 years ago. After an annual service check from your auto service/repairing shop. You suddenly realized that there is a serious mechanical, electrical or any other fault in your car. And repairing that car can be too much expansive for you. You get your vehicle from the workshop and put it into your yard or parking area for nothing. Never think that the good days which you have spent with that car are lost. Now that car is just junk and will never pay you more. It’s wrong thinking. That junk car can still be a car for cash for you. It would help if you never worried about that who will buy the car for money.

If you are in Indianapolis, search your favorite keyword about the junk car for cash or directly visit our website www.thenewcountryautoparts.com and pick the relevant number. Dial that contact number from your phone and tell us about your location to our phone officer. Our towing truck will come to you within minimum time.

Our towing area is Indianapolis. We are making towing easy for you with same day pick for free. Yes, free pickup. Just forget about towing expenses and focus on converting your junk car into a car for cash. Remember, we are not only about junk cars. We are dealing in every junk which is made up of metal. To trade in scrap metal is our love.

Our service officials are so courteous. Our sales staff and phone officer will guide you properly about our services. Our truck driver will pay you hard cash at the spot. Our towing truck services are absolutely free. We will never charge even a single penny against towing. Our towing truck will be exactly at the given location on the same day. There will be no complex documentation. You will never pay any loading or unloading labor charges. You just make a phone call and tell about your specified location within the area of Indianapolis. After your call, it’s our duty is to convert your junk car into a car for cash.

We are not using any complex money transfer channels. We are just dealing in hard cash. Our truck driver will pay you hard cash.